Monday, February 21, 2011

theories of attraction

Opposites attract for three distinct reasons:

1.  If you find yourself attracted to one like yourself you are either...

     a.) Being somewhat incestous or...

     b.) Confused about who you are because of something.     

2.  You either love yourself or don't love yourself and if you are the later and attracted to ones like yourself then you will always be wanting, but if you are the former you will always be wanting more...

3.  They are the unknown wild card that you cannot predict, and because of this they have glamoured you w/o you having the slightest ability to thawart them and they feel a compatible feeling of comfortable wildness from you that enamours them with you in a similar way.

The culmination of this is the understanding of chaos and its finer points ~ especially in terms of intrapersonal (personal) relationships - as far as they refer to romanticism and sexualization ~ the double sided coin at its best.

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