Saturday, February 26, 2011

Stanley's Dream

I am a champian of making other's feel guilty ~ it's my best trait.

Shut up sleuter...

The best weapons, are designed with an eye to fashion as well as function, i.e., "That bow looks like a dress."

Keep in mind, that we are talking about weapons.

I have no mind to reason with pedantics; I can only join the rodeo when it comes to town.

The timing between one thing and another, is such, that only you can find the refrences.

I just got that ~ a while ago...

What do you want?

"What is that song?"

"Nothing, that was just my text message sound."

Super Troopers ~ not to be confused with Abba.

"1980's synth bought from a yard sale last year,"

is not a full sentence.

can't end with that...



"Wake up Stanley."

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