Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The begging commences

The begging, yes the begging.  Begging for what exactly?  Let's just say for the moment, a moment - more specifically, a moment of your time...

Do i have you attention? (i dont think so, but nevertheless let's keep going)

Since this is the first entry, (and technically only useful as an introduction into the genre and style of my writing) i will make this short.

I have minimal talent, and i know it.  Like a hot girl who knows she's hot, i am a shitty writer who knows his own limitations and somehow lives within them.  Like a begger in an old refridgerator box, i survive with nothing and like it.  I live in filth proudly, and eat McDonald's cheeseburgers like nobody's buisness (that expression doesn't make sense, but i like it).  I live the life of an idiot, and am variably proud of, and quite often hesitant towards, my self proclaimed idiocy.

I love and hate my life and my friends [as far as hate goes towards my friends, i would like to say that "playa-hate" is a more accurate term to describe how i sometimes feel; as far as love goes to the same item, i would have to say that i love them as one loves skittles or cranberry juice (yeah yeah, that's about right, you know, like right after you brush your teeth)], and I'm pretty sure they feel the same about me, as for my life: I'm quite positive that it hates me half of the time whilst loving me the rest - quite fickle life is in this respect.

And you my lovely reader, you are my one true happiness.  You may yet validate my existence, or perhaps give me the power to become a real boy again, because fakery is my specialty now and i have lost the will to chastize myself against such blatent misuse of divinely inspired bs.

If you understand me at all you will keep reading, if you don't at all then you may continue, but you are mostly an idiot, so i don't need your patronage of this blog.  Go be free and love the world with the glazed over expression of someone not touched by an angel, but actually and more simply just "touched," and live like an agent of darkness keen on the erasure of inteligence through the propagation of celebrity driven reality tv, but remember to tell your friends where you were when you decided to bail out on the human condition...

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