Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Decision [and consequence]

You never know about how things are going to go down, but sometimes you get a feeling like you know for a split second what is  real  and what is  fake.

Determining the difference seems difficult at times, but is totally possible depending on your orientation towards the issue.

Take for example:  The whole oil spill deal.

This whole thing pretty much sucks.  Nobody knows what's gonna happen to the coastline.  Nobody knows how much it's going to cost.  Nobody knows nuthin.  I know even less than most.  I don't watch tv or read newspapers - i don't even google it!  I would like to remain in the darkness for this one ~ depresses me too much. 

Makes me wonder about the future, and how this present that we are constantly opening is going to effect the gift we recieve later on down the line.  Piece of coal in the stocking of our children's children mos def, but maybe not depending on the choices we make now.

I make all the wrong and some of the right.  It helps that i don't have a car because my carbon footprint is low, and that karmas' my epa rating through the roof.  Also i haven't taken out the trash in weeks (because i keep missing the day [wednesday]), so i am reducing landfill increase (albeit at my own destruction) - and i recycle, as in leave cans on the top of the garbage cans in town so the bums can get a nickle and maybe some booze ~ I'm a good person really...  No, really, I am...

Not really, but not too bad - are there gradiations?  Or is everything black and white?  I choose to believe in a gradiated moral compass that allows for flexibility in case i need to choke a bitch every once in a while.

Next point of interest - "You wouldn't like me when I'm angry."

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  1. There are definitely gradations. Very few things (if any at all) are black and white, simply because there are so many sides to every decision or situation.