Monday, February 21, 2011

"Nothing is"

Nothing is what nothing does.

Nothing is just because.

Nothing wants what nothing gets.

Nothing does and just forgets.

Nothing wise is nothing done.

Nothing's eyes are only one.

Nothing feels and nothing wants.

Nothing gets and nothing flaunts.

Nothing's heels have got too high.

Nothing's wells (they) have run dry.

Nothing has what no - thing wants.

And nothing's moves are so cart blanche. [Blank check baby]


Mm, I got some - thing on ya babe.  [Da da {4x}]

You look at me like you got it made.

I look at you and I feel a pang oh pain.

But I look at you and I gotta look a-gain.

I know I can't explain

Why I feel this sort of shame.

But I pick up the pace

And I won't be late again

The trick won't be traced

And the case will be closed to pen.

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