Monday, February 21, 2011

Killing a milkjug

I just killed a milk jug.

It didn't do anything to me.

I just wanted it dead.  So I killed it.

I just killed a milk jug.

I filled it with water, so I could drink it.

I just killed a milk jug.

I liked it when I used to put it in my fridge, because it would be cold.

I just killed a milk jug.

I would drink it when I was drunk.

I just killed a milk jug.

It was nice, but then I put it in my freezer, and it became ice, and I loved it, but it was too awesome, and I had to destroy it, and nobody could stop the butt of my knife from smashing into its plastic hide.  Over and over again I proceeded to batter the milk jug, with its ice inards, until it conceeded, and had to forfeit its life to me...

I just killed a milk jug.

I can hear its ice inards melting in my sink now.  I have no remorse..  I would do it again...  that milk jug had it comin, I tell yah.  I don't fuck around,

I'm very sad now...


I don't have a milk jug for my water now *[ ..

Unfortunate, but nevertheless, perfect...

Because now,

I will travel for my water,


Design my will to accept the water that is given to me - unabashedly...

What is it that you understand?

In what I just said?




"Huh..."  is all I can say really, but I have a fast way of working things out - if you think that's appropriate for the sitch~u~way~shion...

No doubt.. You have no idea, but you are lost without proper direction > in most cases anyway = fuck all and never > less than \ besides the point + bottom line :-)

Hmm... ;{ strange it is how comunicate we do :/  but seems to be that we have found a new :-?    way to find ourselves in outer space ...~ # [     ]   {      }    &   why would we not find us out of place ... & $ ### * , but how could we not keep our pace ... {   }  but I can't face this waste ... ... ... and you find in distaste, the matter of the cast, that I have found at last, debattered and debast. I feel I could out last, any who could pass, my bitter fall to grass.  Nothing...

There is more...

But no more here...

Nothing left, but my bitter beer.

That I love so much, but I can't attend ~ the bitter end, to my favorite friend...

I love you much, and will miss you so.

I hope you know, because you know I know...

And when we find eachother I will see.

The way you look at the way I'm me.

And I wish I was, a little better at, making things real nice, as oposed to fucked and fat.

But I can't believe, everything I hear... and when it comes to you I don't know what I feel.

Crazy...  but I know you love me, and if you didn't then I would be dead already... PEACE... hahahahahahah...



If you are reading this...

Then I own you [mwhahahahahaha].

You are my property.

I will destroy you ~ if necessary... (got to go)

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